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7W case-lessons

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I-shop. Case-courses

Here for your convenience case-courses are structured according to your priorities.


Theme packages.

Usually they are used by subject teachers.


  • Life Style, Health and Safety
  • Natural Phenomena
  • Business, Discovery and Progress



Mixed packages.

Usually they are used online, in camps, on free lessons, Sunday schools, homeschooling, etc.


  • Mix (set A)
  • Mix (set B)
  • Mix (set C)



Here you can see all cases, observe them, and select your favorite Individual packages.

They are good for those, who want to gather a set of different case-courses on his own.


Select your own set-package!



Age and Languages


Often people want to find case-courses according to the age of students. Here you can find convenient signs:


E – Elementary School;

S – Secondary (Middle) School;

S/H – Secondary/High School;

H – High School.


There are now 9 languages (by demand), and we are planning to expend the global coverage. 




It’s the most front-rank fashion in learning nowadays – to master personal skills of the students. Besides traditional school disciplines there is a big social request to grow up these competencies in our kids. The main list consists of 15 skills, and whole list – have 100 skills.