Last update: 30.05.2024

7W case-lessons

For homeschoolers

Why are case courses and case lessons unique and useful?


Сase based courses and case-lessons use the unique 7W methodology that allows students to study interdisciplinary educational material together with simultaneous practice of such competencies as communication, teamwork, planning and organizing, creativity, accountability, continuous learning, technological awareness.

The 7W methodology and the materials are designed on the principles of interdisciplinary study of objects, phenomena and concepts in a combination of fundamental knowledge, practical examples and application of knowledge in practice.

Thanks to the compound perception and material processing a unique result 7 in 1 is achieved: knowledge, understanding, practice, creative transformation, competence, motivation and pleasure!



Why and how should they be applied?


The 7W technology helps parents teach their children at home effectively and according to individual needs and interests.

The case-lessons are compatible with the school curriculum and specifically designed to make the process of learning interesting, easy, fun and not requiring special explanations from adults. The topics of the case-lessons are revealed in the context of several academic disciplines using specific practical examples. This contributes to the fact that the children can study the school material independently and enjoy the process and the result.

The 7W case-lessons technology is a great tool to keephigh level home schooling and distance learning!



What is the result?


Thanks to a large amount of practical material, references and assignments, case lessons motivate students to learn, find connections between school knowledge and its application in real life. Through this process knowledge is absorbed quickly and easily. This encourages children for continuous learning and getting further knowledge of the world!





“My daughter does not go to school, but it does not prevent her from studying well and learning the material well. In many respects this is possible because of the case-lessons that we apply in our home schooling.

Using a my daughter was able to master independently even such complex material as antigravity. The case-lessons allow her to study independently a lot of materials using practical examples and finding additional information. I see she is interested and enjoys self-studying. For me, as a parent who made a decision to take her out of school, it's important and very valuable!”

(Mikhail Ivanov, father of a 10-grade distance learning pupil)

The case-lessons are structured:

by grades

- elementary school

- secondary school

- high school

by subjects

- "math, science, technology (STEM)"

- "natural science (Nature)"

- "geography, history, art" (World, People, Objects")

"personal, social, health, economic (PHSE)"