Last update: 30.05.2024

7W case-lessons

The Map of worldwide spread of case-lessons

Developing our case-lessons, we did not expect initially that they would be of high demand in many countries.

The first inquiries and purchases were mainly from children that, for various reasons, could not attend school and studied online. However, something unexpected happened then. Many of these children began to talk about these wonderful cases to their peers, friends and teachers.

And then the teachers, seeing that the case-lessons are available in different languages (English, Spanish, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese, Ukrainian, German, Hebrew, etc.), began not only to teach them at their schools, but also talk about them in communities among their colleagues, thanks to which an increasing number of schools in different countries have started to conduct case-lessons.

So this map of the world, perhaps just at this very moment, can be replenished with one more country in which schoolchildren take case-lessons at 7W ® educational platform.