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Edu Future is an education platform for innovations and advanced researches of learning materials in the schools worldwide. The company's mission is to create progressive educational environment, accelerate the best world's technologies and information processing.

The company’s projects participate in main International Contests, uniting educators around new education paradigms and business models.

Edu Future started in 2008, creating several popular internet platforms, and providing their fast development, thanks to the professional team of programmers, managers, authors, freelancers and researchers.

Team’s leader Vladimir Spivakovsky got 56 patents while developing the education platform 7W.

Thousands of schools in many countries use our modern case-courses as a new educational instrumentation. Over 6 million students and teachers monthly are involved in the Knowledge Hypermarket 7W as unique visitors.

About Author, Vladimir Spivakovsky:

Born in 1952. Education: Odessa Polytechnic University and Academy of Sciences, Ph.D in Economics (1980). Professor in the university (1981–1988); CEO in Joint Venture “Eurodeal” (Luxemburg, 1988–1991). CEO in Grand Education Corporation (since 1991). The founder of the first business-school “Synergy” for entrepreneurs, and lyceum “Grand” (1988) for the gifted children in Ukraine.

Visited 107 countries with lecturing, expeditions and scientific researches. He has written 7 books on business, education and fiction novels.

His projects participated in international Contests to create the best education system in California (XQ, organizes by Laurene Jobs, with prize fund $100 mln, 2016), HundrED (Finland, 2017), Charles Yidan Prize (Hong Kong, 2017).

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Reference. From Reno Domenico, USA, CEO of Sterling Business School:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend highly Dr. Vladimir Spivakovsky for the Yidan Prize 2017.

Dr. Spivakovsky is one of the leading educators, and most innovative educators not only in Ukraine, but in all of Europe, and for that matter, the world. The work that Dr. Spivakovsky has done at the Grand School in Kyiv, Ukraine, was not only innovative for the Former Soviet Union, but a great step forward for the entire sphere of elementary and secondary education across the planet.

Additionally, his concept of the Five Star School system of the future is a model of innovation and experiential learning that is worthy of emulation in all developed and emerging economies. If this innovative model of education were adopted internationally, it would have an tremendous impact on student achievement wherever it would be implemented.

Additionally, Dr. Spivakovsky is a man of exceptional personal integrity and professionalism. He is an educator of the first class, and he is a leader in community based efforts to reform the entire educational system of Ukraine, with a goal of improving the lives and opportunities for young people across the country.

Therefore, it is without hesitation that I, as a professional educator for over 40 years in the United States and internationally, recommend Dr. Vladimir Spivakovsky for the Yidan Prize 2017. He and his educational innovations are fully worthy of recognition and dissemination. 

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