Last update: 16.06.2024

7W case-lessons

For students

Why are case courses and case lessons unique and useful?


Сase based courses and case-lessons use the unique methodology that allows students to study interdisciplinary educational material together with simultaneous practice of such competencies as communication, teamwork, planning and organizing, creativity, accountability, continuous learning, technological awareness.

The methodology and the materials are designed on the principles of interdisciplinary study of objects, phenomena and concepts in a combination of fundamental knowledge, practical examples and application of knowledge in practice.

Thanks to the compound perception and material processing a unique result 7 in 1 is achieved: knowledge, understanding, practice, creative transformation, competence, motivation and pleasure!



Why and how should they be applied?

The 7W® case-lessons are designed to make your learning fun, easy and enjoyable. The case-lessons contain a lot of interesting information about phenomena, people and events, which are studied through different school subjects. The case-lessons will help to understand the school material better, choose examples or topics for projects, abstracts, independent works.

And, of course, they will help learn better and get excellent marks!



What is the result?


Learning with the help of the case-lessons is a fascinating and interesting process that gives 2 in 1 result: knowledge of school subjects and ability to apply this knowledge in practice. Learning with the help of the 7W® case-lessons is easy and fun!





“I love the case lessons and they help me to understand what we learn at school better. They are very interesting and not tiresome. They have a lot of photos, videos and infographics. I also like to find information not for school subjects. For example, Halloween case-lesson helped me to make a cool costume on my own, and the nutrition case-lesson helped me understand why it's important to eat healthily and what kind of food will help to keep fit without any diets. Cases are generally very interesting, even without connection to the school material!” (Maria Fridman, student, 15 y.o.)

The case-lessons are structured:

by grades

- elementary school

- secondary school

- high school

by subjects

- "math, science, technology (STEM)"

- "natural science (Nature)"

- "geography, history, art" (World, People, Objects")

"personal, social, health, economic (PHSE)"