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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

51. “Eyeglass case” (For “Glasses” and “Handmade gifts” case-lessons)

The essence of the task: You can make unordinary and fairly simple case for your favourite glasses. Such case may also make a good present. First, let’s prepare a piece of fabric, so that its size isn’t larger than the glasses by 2.5 times. You can choose any soft tissue to your taste.

First of all prepare a template made of cardboard or thick paper. It should have the shape of a graphical image of a butterfly but with equal wings. After all, these “wings” will protect the eyeglasses lenses from scratches.

The next step is to impose the template on paper, trace it with pencil or chalk and cut the figure out following the received contours.

Now sew a narrow ribbon that fits in color to the centre of the cut out “butterfly”. “Clamp” the ribbon in two places so that an opening is formed. This hole will be where the glasses’ frame will be inserted, with the “wings” covering the lenses.

Good luck and pleasant creativity!

OBJECTIVE: Activate imagination, creativity, ingenuity, “turn on” good mood and positive thinking, train practical and domestic skills