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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

50. “Hold the ball” (Case-lessons “A ball is rolling”, “Where the road leads”)

The essence of the task: A teacher should prepare few balls and a pair of sticks. The balls can be quite small. “Tracks” should be marked on the floor in advance. They can be straight, curvy or even have obstacles (e.g. lay some tubes (cores of paper towels) across, though notice that their diameter must be proportional to diameter of the balls).

Students have to lead their balls, pushing them with the sticks, across the track, then come back and hand the stick to next participant. The competition should be conducted in the form of a relay game.

It continues until one of the teams finishes the game first. They receive the winning score.

OBJECTIVE: Stir children up, mobilize, “turn on”, give the opportunity to move around, with simultaneous training of such competences as team work, delegation of authority, concentration, build winning game tactic and strategy.