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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

49. “Which windows can shine?” (Case-lesson “Concentration of money, energy, attention and life”)

The essence of the game: A teacher prepares several cards with assignments of such size to make it comfortable to show children. The children will need sheets of paper (preferably squared paper).

The first cards are 3 by 3 squares in which some of the cells are painted yellow. These are the “lighted up windows”. The teacher is showing the cards for 5 seconds; the task for the students is to reproduce this picture by memory rapidly and schematically, for example, also given 5 seconds.

Those who didn’t manage to do it correctly drop out, others move to the next round. Now the pictures are 4 by 4 squares. The game’s scheme is the same, the time for demonstration and drawing may be increased by few seconds.

The next level may bring the picture to the 5 by 5 squares size. The winners of this round bring their teams some points (1 per a player).

Then the teacher calculates the overall score announces the winners.

OBJECTIVE: Train memory, concentration perception of visual information, sense of space, the ability to operate under a time limit.