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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

48. “Slime” (For the case-lesson “Why jellyfish stings”)

The essence of the game: The first stage of the game is the creation of a slime – “jellyfish”. To do this students will need 50 ml of PVA glue; 1tb spoon of soda; coloring; ½ glass of water. The algorithm of jellyfish creation is the following: mix the glue and a quarter cup of water of room temperature, add the coloring (e.g. brilliant green). Mix a quarter cup of water with soda separately, add this solution to the glutinous mixture and stir.

The “jellyfish” is ready!

The second stage is the “Sniper contest”. The teacher prepares targets (quite large) in advance; either one for each team (if not all jellyfish are of one “team” color) or just one (if the number and accuracy of hits can be identified by color). The children throw their “shells” either alternately or delegate one “most accurate sniper”.

The teacher examines the results and assigns points.

OBJECTIVE: Stir children up, mobilize, “turn on”, give the opportunity to move around, with simultaneous training of such competences as team work, delegation of authority, concentration, build winning game tactic and strategy.