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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

47. “Construct a rainbow” (Case-lessons “Colors of a rainbow”, “Sense of space”, “Concentration of money, energy, attention and life”)

The essence of the game: The first stage is the creation of “sports equipment” – a peg and rings to throw them onto it. Cut the rings out of disposable paper plates and paint them in the colors of rainbow. The core of paper towels can be used as the peg. The number of such kits should correspond to the number of participating teams.

The pegs from the stuffed kits are distributed across the room so that it is convenient to throw the rings onto them. The teams start to throw the rings. All team members can do it simultaneously, in turns or delegate one “sniper”. The game lasts until one of the teams gathers the whole “rainbow”, rings of all seven colors, on one of the pegs. The team receives an extra point for the correct sequence of the colors.

OBJECTIVE: Stir children up, mobilize, “turn on”, give the opportunity to move around, with simultaneous training of such competences as team work, delegation of authority, concentration, build winning game tactic and strategy.