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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

44. “Feed a dolphin” (Case-lesson “What dolphins talk about”)

The essence of the game: Two baskets or other containers with such volume that it’s possible to throw a ball inside are placed in the room. These are the “dolphins”. Also balls of different sizes that will represent “fish” are required. You may even create a “price list” that will state which ball symbolizes which fish and how many points it can bring to the team.

The task for the players is to throw as many “fish” as possible into the “dolphin”. The contest is limited in time. The team chooses its own strategy, whether to throw balls alternately, simultaneously, what size goes first, etc.

In the end of the contest the teacher takes the balls out and counts the points gained by each of the teams.

OBJECTIVE: Stir children up, mobilize, “turn on”, give the opportunity to move around, with simultaneous training of such competences as team work, delegation of authority, concentration, build winning game tactic and strategy.