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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

42. “Droplets race” (For case-lessons “Pools – empty and full”, “Secrets of water”)

The essence of the game: This game will require the same straws and tinted water. You can play in teams or even arrange the “Olympics” with 1/8-, ¼-, ½-finals and the finale. Students will have to draw tracks on the sheets. Each participant chooses the color of their droplet. Droplets are put at the start – the beginning of the “tracks”. At the “Go” command students begin blowing on their droplets through the straws, droplets “run”, leaving a colored trace.

Droplets, which have finished faster, go to the next round. During the race it is allowed to “add” droplets but only onto the same spot where the previous droplet has stopped.

In the next rounds participants must use droplets of the same color, which they have used in the previous one. This way, step by step, the “champion droplet” will be determined!

OBJECTIVE: Activate imagination, creativity, ingenuity, “turn on” good mood and positive thinking, train coordination and concentration, strategic planning and tactical implementation skills.