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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

40. “Stucco palette” (Case-lesson “Kinds of clay – all different”)

The essence of the game: How to create your own clay so that it has the desired color, isn’t muddy and is completely plastic?

Each team has to create its own “stucco palette” which they will later use to model their symbol, the amulet for their team. Firstly modeling substance is prepared, and the team has to think over and discuss the colors.

To prepare the substance they will need: salt (1 glass), flour (2 glasses), vegetable oil (2 table spoons), few drops of coloring (both diluted food coloring and paint are suitable), water (1.5 glasses). Salt, water, flour and oil are being mixed until plastic substance is acquired. Flour can be added gradually to provide the substance with desired consistency and plasticity. In the end of mixing the coloring is added. For this you have to separate the portion of the mass which will be painted in this color. 

The next stage is molding of team’s symbol and presenting it.

OBJECTIVE: Teach team work, brainstorming, discussion, ability to justify one’s point of view, defend and present it, to operate under conditions of uncertainty, teach to delegate authority and care for quality, activate creativity, positive thinking and good mood, to cultivate taste, sense of composition and appropriateness.