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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

38. “Guess the character” (For many case-lessons of social direction, to activate work and “turn” kids on, create artistic atmosphere)

The essence of the game: Each team delegates one participant. The opposing team prepares a “crown”, sealed like a rim strip of paper, on which the name of a character is written for them. It may be historical or contemporary character, a hero of a book, movie, cartoon and so on. The main thing is that this character is known to all of the students. It might even be some “special” teacherJ.

The crown should be delivered so that the student cannot see the writing. The students in the “crowns” return to their teams. Their task is to guess who they are. To accomplish this they can ask questions, though they can only receive “yes” or “no” answers. (For example, “Am I a cartoon hero?”) The team answers.

The duration of the contest should be limited to 10 minutes. The student has to guess their character in this time.

OBJECTIVE: Activate imagination, creativity, ingenuity, “turn on” good mood and positive thinking, teach team work and delegation of authority, train one’s associative skills and ability to formulate “right” questions.