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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

29. “Guess a building” (Case-lesson “Architecture”).

The essence of the game: A teacher prepares photos of famous houses, buildings or other architectural objects. You can focus on either modern architecture (for instance, stick to a specific country, continent, etc., which are studied at geography lessons) or historical period (for correlation with the history material).

Their number should be odd to make it easier to determine the game’s winners. The teacher demonstrates the prepared photos alternately to the teams. The task of the teams is to recognize the object and name it first. The teacher serves as an arbitrator for they define who which team was the first to give the answer. You can specify that the students should raise their hands or ring a bell when their answers are ready.

OBJECTIVE:  Activate memory (primarily visual), learn team work, concentration, with simultaneous consolidation of school and extracurricular material.