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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

27. “Sand animation” (Case-lesson “Sand is not so unstable”)

The essence of the game: The game can be played both individually and in teams. A teacher prepares sheets of paper (А3 or larger) in advance, and pours sand onto them evenly. The sheets must be laid on a straight surface so that the sand doesn’t get scattered. The task for the children is to draw a sand picture on any, unless specified by the teacher, topic.

The task can be complicated by assigning teams to draw an illustration in turns, for example, to some tale: each team member will draw a piece of plot voiced by the teacher. You can also pick literature plot, the main thing is relative simplicity of drawing and dynamism of action.

The teacher can complement a well-known plot with unexpected twist to liven the game.

OBJECTIVE: Activate imagination, creativity, ingenuity, “turn on” good mood and positive thinking; teach team work and delegation of authority.