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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities


19. “Stain remover” (For case-lesson “Formula of dirt”)

The essence of the game: Two teams are playing. One of the players of the opponent team puts a stain or a small drawing to the back of their hand (the “tool” must be selected autonomously by the player, application of the most stable stain is also part of the task!) with paint, marker, pen, etc.

Vials or other small containers are placed on the desk before the teams. Their contents are the following: water; alcohol (ethanol); soap solution; detergent; vegetable oil; starch; Calendula tincture; spices with characteristic colors such as turmeric or cinnamon; any finely ground pharmaceutical herb; salt. These substances are not signed. There is also a small empty container for mixing. The team’s task is to create such a mixture that will remove the stain on the hand of the player. Trying to remove the stain with the mixture during reparation is prohibited! The time for mixing is limited. The team has to think of the ingredients that, in their opinion, would be appropriate for this goal.

OBJECTIVE: teamwork training in brainstorming mode, discussions, development of such competences as the ability to correct mistakes, to listen and hear, to build relationships, to overcome obstacles, time management, prioritization, ingenuity, with simultaneous learning of school curriculum and consolidation of the case-lesson’s material.