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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities

16.“Vyshyvanka” (Case-lesson “Vyshyvanka as a symbol of Ukraine”)

The essence of the game:  A teacher prepares a printout of unsophisticated embroidery cross stitch scheme; the number of crosses corresponds to the number of students in the teams. Each team receives a piece of fabric (canvas), a thread and a needle. These “accessories” can be placed on two tables at the end of the room.

The teams line up at the other end of the room as for a relay game. At the “start” command they alternately run up to the table with embroidery, each embroiders one cross and comes back, then the next player sews, and so on until the whole motif is embroidered. The winner is not merely the fastest team but also the most accurate and precise.

OBJECTIVE: Active motion, teamwork, gaining such skills as delegation of authority, concentration, attention, concern for quality, systemic thinking, with simultaneous training of practical domestic skills.