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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities


14. “Antigravity” (Case-lesson “Antigravity”)

The essence of the task: Close your eyes and try to imagine that gravity has disappeared. Turn on your imagination and try to move as astronauts in zero gravity do, stabilizing yourself with objects around you. Who’s it gone? Now try to divide into teams and play a little relay game. Do not forget that you can move only when your hands are touching or from time to time pushing away from some surrounding objects. Those who forget about this detail return to the beginning of the route, and their team is waiting… The team that finishes the relay faster – wins, just like in a normal relay game.

OBJECTIVE: Active recreation, activation of attention, concentration and imagination, competences such as teamwork, ability to correct mistakes, delegation of authority are developing, evolving of spatial imagination and sense of space, communication skills.