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7W case-lessons

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Accelerative Activities


11. “River lotto” (“geographical” case-lessons)

The essence of the game: The game is actually a type of conventional lotto. A teacher prepares card-chips with names of rivers (rivers of some country, continent, part of the world, the earth – these are the teacher’s choice), and large cards with fragments of a “map” with indications of these rivers. It is better to immediately specify how many objects can be marked on the big map – 5, 8, 10, etc. – the same number for all cards. The teacher hands the large cards out to the students, and then, as in the usual lotto game, pulls out smaller cards from a bag or a box and names the river out loud. Students who have this river on their cards mark it with a chip or in any other way (with a paper badge, chip from any game, button etc.). A student who fills their card first wins. Bingo!You can replace rivers in this game with other geographical objects: lakes, seas, cities, countries, currents, mountains, mountain chains, islands, etc.

OBJECTIVE: Activation of attention, concentration, ability to listen and hear, ability to filter information with simultaneous consolidation of school material and skills in working with geographical maps.