Last update: 25.07.2024

7W case-lessons

Cases are walking all over the world
Students are sick and tired of school! These boring lessons! This tiresome homework!

They wonder whether school lessons will ever become interesting and useful and knowledge will be necessary and important?

There are two options:

1) Apply your vivid imagination and imagine an incredible school of the future with a completely new approach to everything: other teachers, other texts and illustrations in textbooks, another assessment of knowledge and skills.
2) Find out that such lessons already exist. They have already been applied successfully by thousands of people. There are just some of those who, for some reason, appeared on the sidelines of the progress and are now rushing forward past the future.

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The first option is good and we have a link to such imagination. Next time we will see it.

If you want to see the future of your children rich, successful and happy, then it's time to learn about a unique new content that gives a completely different level of knowledge, motivation and competence. Look at these case lessons that will unfix your ideas about interesting learning:
Nowadays thousands of teachers in hundreds of schools in the world prefer these case technologies. Cases are especially popular with children, because such lessons have the main thing: knowledge (according to the school curriculum) and interesting presentation of the material, which triggers imagination, concentrates attention and deepens classical and modern knowledge.

Now the cases are on all continents:

Among the ardent admirers of case lessons there are the representatives of the world elite.
Recently Elon Mask stated that studying both mathematics and physics along with the humanities will be beneficial if applying such case technologies. Don`t you believe me? Google yourself. By the way, here is a good example why case studies are needed - this technique teaches us how to use available resources (search engines, social networks) and create new knowledge to change life on the planet.

What makes cases attractive?

• Schoolchildren, teachers, methodologists and parents like them. They appeal even to that part of school administration, which is always unhappy with something and questions everything;
• They are recognized as the most promising type of school activities;
• They have received support of the progressive part of the pedagogical community and the world elite;
• They have been approved by psychologists, technologists and academic community.

The technology of cases creation is patented and has no analogues in the world. Their effectiveness is confirmed by modern trends in the development of education. It is important that an increasing number of experts from different countries are getting engaged into the development of cases and their application.

Join now! Write to, and we will add your school to the interactive map that reflects the geography of cases in the world.

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